Helping Her Get Good Guitar Strings

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My sister recently asked where she can buy some guitar strings. I find it strange because I have not played guitar much more know where to get guitar and guitar accessories.

She hinted that she’s asking me to do an online search. That is why I went online and found out that there aregood guitar strings at guitar center. All I need to do is to place an order for my sister. That works best for me in two ways, that I can help her get good guitar strings while I familiarize myself doing some online transactions as I am planning to sell some more stuff online as well.

Sold My Netbook Online

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I recently sold my 2-year old Acer netbook through, it’s an Ebay-like website. It only took one day since I posted it on the site that I got at least three interested buyers. That’s quick!

And the transaction was quick and easy. I guess it’s because I posted very clear photos of my netbook including a detailed list of its specifications and any accessories I included in the sale.

I enjoyed the whole experience that now I’m looking at some of my stuff that I think I can sell online.

Watching Phil Collins Concert On Youtube

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There are times when I watch concerts on Youtube because I enjoy the music sung live by my favorite singers. Aside from that, I also love to see how these concert performers share the limelight with their fellow musicians and performers.

For example, when I watch Phil Collins concert on YouTube, he lets his sax player have his own share of the spotlight. He lets him play by himself while he is out of the stage. He also sings a song at the latter part of the concert while playing drums. I wonder if he also uses premier drums on his concerts. He just proves that he is one talented guy, with a heart to appreciate other musical talents as well.

Choose The Right Condo Unit

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Are you in the market for a condominium unit? Buying a home is one of the biggest investments any person will go through in a lifetime. That’s why it is best you take your time in choosing one. Here are a couple of tips.

Location, location, location. Is it close to your office? Are there schools, supermarkets and hospitals nearby? A condominium building will cost more if it’s in a great location.

How much is the cost of ownership? You will have to take into consideration the yearly tax, the association dues, parking fees if you will not be buying a parking slot, and other expenses.

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