Patti LaBelle's Duet with a Married Man on Oprah

Patti LaBelle made me cry today, (to Patti: if only you knew) :) .

I was randomly typing some keyword searches on for a post inspiration when I came across this clip on Oprah. I’d like you to watch it first here:

Well aside from Patti being on the show, singing one good piece about love, what moved me was Vicky’s (the wife) effort in arranging the surprise meet-up on national TV! :)

She knew how her husband loved Patti LaBelle’s music so much and so she gave her best to surprise his husband. This is her gift for all the daily serenades that the husband has been doing for her for the past nine years of marriage. ;)

That’s what married life is about right? Apart from growing old together is the constant effort to make your partner happy in so many ways. This together with a lot more factors will surely make a marriage sweeter. I am not sure if I can do the same for my husband to be, (with The Beatles hehe, hi Ringo (Starr) and Paul (Mccartney) but what I am sure of is that I will have my unique ways to do so I can keep our marriage last. :)

How about you? What were some of the little surprises you made to your husband/wife recently? I would love to hear it from you if you want to share it to us on the comment section of this post.

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