Keeping Intimacy Alive After Years of Marriage

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Keeping Intimacy Alive After Years of Marriage As the years go by in a marriage, it’s common for the passionate spark of early romance to fizzle out. Making time for intimacy can start taking a backseat to the daily stresses of careers, parenting, managing a household, and just generally keeping life running smoothly. However, allowing … Read more

Platonic Relationship vs Romantic Relationship: Key Differences Explained

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Platonic Relationship vs Romantic Relationship Relationships are complex, with many layers and forms. Two of the most common types are platonic and romantic relationships. While there can be some overlap, there are several key differences between the two. Understanding these distinctions is important for managing expectations and nurturing healthy connections. Defining Platonic and Romantic Relationships … Read more

Qualities of a Good Marriage Partner

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Qualities of a Good Marriage Partner Getting married and choosing the right life partner is one of the most important decisions you will make in life. With divorce rates hovering around 50 percent, it’s clear that far too many couples are struggling to build a strong, lasting marriage. When searching for a marriage partner, what … Read more

10 Qualities of a Good Marriage

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Qualities of a Good Marriage Marriage can be one of the most fulfilling relationships in life. However, it also requires continuous effort from both partners to nurture and sustain. What ultimately makes a marriage successful? in this blog article, we are going to share 10 essential qualities of a good marriage: With these signs and … Read more

Signs Being Exploited in a Romantic Relationship (And What To Do)

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Being exploited in a romantic relationship Being in an exploitative romantic relationship can take a severe toll on your self-esteem, happiness, and overall well-being. Unfortunately, exploitation in relationships is quite common, with nearly 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men reporting having experienced some form of intimate partner violence. If you feel your … Read more

Building Healthy Communication Skills in Marriage

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Healthy Communication Skills in Marriage Having strong communication skills is vital for a happy and successful marriage. Communication allows couples to express their feelings, needs, and concerns as well as resolve conflicts in a constructive manner. However, communication does not always come naturally and it requires effort, patience, and commitment from both partners to build … Read more

18 Essential Budgeting Tips for Newlyweds to Manage Finances

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Budgeting Tips for Newlyweds Getting married marks an exciting new chapter in a couple’s life together. However, it also means joining your finances and creating a budget that works for both of you. Money issues are one of the leading causes of stress in a marriage. That’s why it’s crucial for newlyweds to communicate openly, … Read more

How to Adjust to Living Together After the Honeymoon Phase

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Adjusting to Living Together Post-Honeymoon The early days of living together as a newly married couple can be blissful and exciting. You may be in the honeymoon phase where everything still feels new and fun. But that phase doesn’t last forever. After a few months, the reality of sharing a home and life together sets … Read more

The Top 18 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Married

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Getting married is one of the most significant events in a person’s life. While it’s filled with excitement and joy, it also comes with many challenges that can be difficult to navigate. Looking back, there are several things I wish I knew before taking the plunge that would have helped me be more prepared for … Read more