Making Time for Fun and Laughter Together: 6 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

Making Time for Fun and Laughter Together

A strong, healthy marriage requires effort from both partners. While responsibilities like work, managing a household, and raising kids can overwhelm couples, making time for fun and laughter is essential for keeping your bond strong.

Laughter and playfulness act like glue in relationships. Sharing jokes, being silly, trying new activities together, and having lighthearted moments reinforce intimacy and connection. It’s easy to forget this when caught up in daily stresses.

Set aside dedicated couple time for enjoyment and reconnecting. In this blog post, we are going to share importance of making time for fun and also 6 fun ways to laugh more and strengthen your marriage:

Why is it important to make time for fun and laughter together?

  • It brings you closer together emotionally and reinforces intimacy and affection in your relationship. Sharing jokes, being silly, and having lighthearted moments together releases bonding hormones like oxytocin and endorphin. This boosts feelings of connection.
  • It helps you see each other’s playful sides. In day-to-day responsibilities, it’s easy to get stuck in routine and not be able to be silly. Playtime together helps you see your partner’s humorous quirks and joking personality that you may not otherwise experience.
  • It diffuses stress and anxiety. Fun activities and laughter help you unwind, forget about responsibilities temporarily and decompress. This stress relief can enhance your overall mental health and relationship satisfaction.
  • It keeps things exciting. Trying new activities together and being spontaneous injects novelty into your interactions. This prevents you from getting stuck in a rut and helps keep the spark alive.
  • It facilitates communication. Open, relaxed conversations tend to flow more easily when you are engaged in enjoyable activities together. Games, adventures, and humor can surface new topics to bond over.
  • It creates fond memories. Positive shared experiences and inside jokes that make you laugh become cherished memories that strengthen your connection and reignite fondness for each other.

In essence, playtime together has significant emotional benefits that can boost closeness, enjoyment, and positivity in your marriage. Making it a regular priority is key. That being said, here are top 6 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage.

make time for date night


1. Schedule Weekly Date Nights

Date nights provide an opportunity to focus completely on each other, away from distractions. Set a regular day and commit to spending a few hours together weekly. Alternate planning creative dates or trying new experiences like:

  • Cooking class
  • Dance lessons
  • Escape room
  • Paint night
  • Comedy club
  • Mini Golf
  • Arcade
  • Museum/art gallery
  • Concert

Varying date activities keep things exciting. The important thing is to spend quality time together, communicating, laughing and having carefree fun.

2. Be Spontaneous and Silly

In day-to-day life, there’s little room for silliness. Recapture the playfulness you shared as a new couple with impromptu fun. Surprise your partner with inside jokes, make funny faces and voices, dance together in the kitchen, have a pillow fight, tell jokes or sing made-up songs.

Being silly helps you let loose, stop taking yourselves so seriously and laugh away stress. A little mischief and humor injects novelty that strengthens affection.

3. Play Games Together

Playing games allows you to bond over friendly competition and joking around. Fun board games, video games, trivia games or physical games like twister get those feel-good endorphins flowing.

Laugh over mistakes, give each other a hard time playfully and celebrate victories together. Trying new two-player games also helps you discover common interests and enjoy low-key together time.

4. Take Day Trips

Exploring somewhere new together makes for a fun shared experience. Take scenic drives to nearby towns, hike a nature trail or spend a day at the beach. Picnics, mini golf and amusement parks also make enjoyable day trip options.

Adventuring as a couple helps you break out of your comfort zone, make memories and enjoy long conversations without regular distractions.

happy couple camping trip

5. Work Out Together

Combining fitness with play can take the tedium out of working out. Take couples dancing lessons like salsa, go rollerblading or play badminton at the park. You can also try partner workouts, trade silly banter during home exercise sessions or make bets on sporting activities.

Getting those endorphins going together will have you both laughing while improving health and feeling energized. Working up a sweat as a team can even increase intimacy.

6. Share Jokes and Funny Stories

Humor fosters emotional intimacy. Set aside time to tell each other amusing stories from your day or childhood memories. Share jokes and funny videos you come across. Poking gentle fun at each other’s quirks can also create intimate inside jokes.

Laughing together releases feel-good hormones, brings you closer and forms fond memories. Private jokes and seeing your partner’s silly side keep the spark alive.

couple having fun riding bike

Additional tips and  ideas for fun and laughter-filled activities for strong marriage bond:

Schedule time for fun

Block out dedicated time in your calendars for date nights, activities, or just quality time together. Treat this couple time as importantly as other obligations. Planning it in advance ensures you actually prioritize fun amidst busy schedules.

Be flexible

Not everything has to be elaborate planned. Be open to impromptu adventures, game nights, dance parties or movie nights at home. Going with the flow and being spontaneous keeps things lighthearted.

Get creative

Think outside the box for unique date ideas you both would enjoy. Cook together, make art together, go to an escape room or comedy show, take a pottery class. Trying new things brings novelty.

Be present

When spending quality time together, be fully engaged without distractions. Turn off your phones, make eye contact, and truly soak up the shared experience. Presence maximizes enjoyment.

Watch a funny movie or TV show

Curling up together to a hilarious movie or binge-watching a funny series allows you to relax while laughing your heads off together. Great way to unwind.

Go to a comedy club

Live comedy shows make for great date nights. Laughing at the same jokes and each other’s reactions creates a shared positive experience.

Spend time in nature

Hiking, picnics, and beach trips provide opportunities to marvel together at beautiful scenery and have deeper conversations that strengthen your bond.

Volunteer together

Giving back as a couple through volunteer work at charities, animal shelters or community service projects can be very fulfilling. Working as a team brings you closer together.

The key is to intentionally make fun and laughter a consistent relationship priority. Get creative with ideas, be flexible and fully present to nurture joy, playfulness and connection in your marriage.


With hectic schedules, making your partner and relationship a priority can be challenging. But regular fun and laughter serve as an emotional reset, decreasing stress and improving marital satisfaction.

Prioritize a couple of times to be silly, play, adventure and joke together. Activities that get you laughing and enjoying each other’s company keep your marriage strong. Learn here more about keeping marriage strong tips and guidance.