Marriage Tips for Newlyweds: 15 Ways to Build a Strong Foundation in Your First Year

Marriage Tips for Newlyweds

Getting married is an exciting milestone, but it also marks the beginning of a new chapter that comes with its own challenges. The first year of marriage is often the most difficult as you figure out how to combine your lives and get used to living together as a married couple.

Fortunately, there are many things newlyweds can do to help strengthen their bond and set healthy patterns during the foundational first year. In this blog post, we were going to share 15 marriage tips for newlyweds to get your relationship off to a great start.

1. Communicate Openly and Often

Open and frequent communication is essential for any healthy marriage, but it’s especially important early on. Set the precedent that you and your spouse can discuss anything comfortably. Check in regularly about needs, feelings, issues, and goals for your relationship.

Make communication a daily habit, even when things are going smoothly. Express appreciation and affection verbally too. Good communication will help you navigate any challenges that arise.

2. Establish Shared Financial Values and Goals

As a married couple, it’s important to get aligned on financial values, budgeting style, spending habits, savings goals, and how you’ll manage finances. Have regular money talks to ensure you’re on the same page.

Discuss financial goals for the next few years and start budgeting together. Agree on who will handle bills and how you’ll make financial decisions. Managing finances wisely will prevent money problems from hurting your marriage.

3. Find Ways to Compromise and Resolve Conflicts

Disagreements and conflict are inevitable in any marriage. What matters most is how you handle them. Establish healthy conflict resolution skills like listening without interrupting, understanding each other’s perspectives, and finding compromises.

Don’t let fights escalate into hurtful behaviour. Take a break if needed and revisit the issue once you’ve both cooled down. Seek counselling if you’re unable to resolve conflicts effectively.

loving new married couple

4. Make Intimacy and Affection a Priority

It’s easy for busy newlyweds to neglect intimacy as you adjust to your new roles. Make time for physical and emotional affection by setting date nights and weekends away. Surprise each other with romantic gestures. Express your love and attraction consistently.

Prioritizing intimacy early on will keep your physical connection strong. Don’t let work, routines or stress crowd out a couple times.

5. Split Chores and Household Duties

Decide early on how you’ll divide up chores, cooking, grocery shopping, yardwork and bills. Split them equitably based on your schedules, skills and preferences. Resentment can build if one partner shoulders most of the responsibilities.

Revisit the division of labor if needed and outsource chores you don’t enjoy. Maintaining a home together smoothly will let you focus on your marriage.

6. Allow Personal Time and Space

While it’s important to spend quality time together as newlyweds, don’t neglect personal time for hobbies, friends, and self-care. Clinging too tightly often backfires. Continue seeing friends and family regularly too.

Healthy marriages involve two complete individuals coming together. Respect each other’s need for autonomy. Time apart will make your reunions more meaningful.

7. Set Shared Goals and Vision

A strong marriage requires a shared vision for your life together. Discuss individual goals and then decide on joint priorities, whether starting a family, travelling more or advancing your careers.

Having shared goals will strengthen your bond and give you purpose as a couple. Revisit them annually and track your progress.

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8. Appreciate Your Differences

Every couple has differences that take some getting used to. Instead of trying to change each other, celebrate qualities that complement and balance you out. Appreciate your spouse’s unique perspectives and quirks.

Embracing differences will enrich your relationship and prevent resentment from brewing. Focus on strengths rather than trying to correct weaknesses.

9. Learn Each Other’s Love Languages

People give and receive love in different ways, called love languages. Common ones are physical touch, gifts, acts of service, quality time and words of affirmation. Learn which make your spouse feel most loved and make those a priority.

In turn, share your preferences and check in about how loved and appreciated you each feel. Adapting to each other’s love languages will strengthen your bond.

10. Surprise Each Other

Don’t let your relationship fall into boredom or predictability, especially in the first few years. Continue courting your spouse by planning fun date nights, weekend trips, gifts and cards for no occasion.

Make an effort to try new experiences together regularly. Spontaneity will keep the spark alive as newlyweds and remind you both why you married.

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11. Socialize as a Couple

Make couple friends that you can socialize and have fun with regularly. Pursue hobbies and activities you enjoy together. Having a healthy social life as newlyweds supports your marriage and gives you a break from work stress.

Join a church or community group, take couples cooking classes, train for a race, or volunteer together. Bonding with other couples builds strong relationships.

12. Seek Premarital Counseling

Many churches and counsellors offer premarital counselling programs for engaged couples to identify growth areas and learn communication and conflict resolution skills. If you didn’t do it before marriage, newlywed counselling can be just as helpful.

Working with a counselor gives you an objective third party perspective and valuable marriage advice as you adjust to married life. Don’t wait until major issues arise to seek help.

13. Be Honest About Expectations

We all bring expectations and assumptions into marriage that impact the relationship. Discuss yours openly – like frequency of sex, having kids, career moves or lifestyles.

Let your spouse know your vision for marriage. Aligning expectations early prevents unfair disappointments and feelings of failure. Be flexible and keep communicating.

14. Make Trust and Commitment Non-Negotiables

A strong marriage requires mutual trust and an unwavering long-term commitment from both partners through ups and downs. Internalize that divorce is not an option for either of you except for extremes like abuse.

Prioritize fidelity, honesty and transparency in all aspects of your relationship. Follow through consistently on your commitments to each other. Your marriage is for life.

15. Keep Growing Individually and Together

Look for ways you and your spouse can grow and improve both individually and as a couple. Read marriage books, listen to podcasts and seek input from mentors. Identify areas to develop like patience or honesty.

Be committed to learning, venturing out of your comfort zone and becoming the best version of yourself. Your personal growth will strengthen your marriage.

The first year of marriage lays the foundation for the rest of your lives together. Making your relationship a priority and proactively nurturing intimacy, communication and trust is key. Appreciate each other daily and continue courting your spouse. Seek input from those with strong marriages.

With effort and intention on both your parts, you can have a happy, resilient marriage that stands the test of time. The energy you put in now will pay lifelong dividends.